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The Cosmogonic Cycle: The Hero Types

During the transformations stage of the cosmogonic cycle, the life of the world reaches the apex of its manifestation. Life grows, continues, and begins to dissolve. The universe is at its furthest point from the unmanifest source which birthed it, and towards the end of this stage, it begins to turn back towards the divine realm.… Continue Reading

The Cosmogonic Cycle: Transformations

This is the second stage of the cosmogonic cycle. An overview of the cycle can be found here, and as usual, all quotations are from Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces unless otherwise noted. As Joseph Campbell explains, “the first effect of the cosmogonic emanations is the framing of the world stage.” In Emanations, the… Continue Reading

The Cosmogonic Cycle: Emanations

In case you need it: here’s a quick overview of the entire Cosmogonic Cycle. Once again, all quotes unless otherwise noted are from The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The beginning stage of the cosmogonic cycle, emanations are the creation myths of the world, of which there are many forms. One of the most recurrent… Continue Reading

The Cosmogonic Cycle: An Overview

Where the hero’s journey describes the life of a single hero and his community, the cosmogonic round narrates the life cycle of the universe. Countless heroes live within the confines of a single cosmogonic cycle, and while it is almost never mentioned in discussions of the hero’s journey, the cosmogonic round is the journey’s backbone.… Continue Reading

Campbell’s Hero Journey: An Overview

To start with I’d just like to clear up that the following is based solely on Joseph Cambell’s theory of the hero’s journey. There are many other iterations and versions of the journey, and while I’m not arguing they are less valid than Campbell’s, his is my personal preference, and the source from which the others… Continue Reading

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