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Equilibrium: Noticing the World

I really love Equilibrium. It’s certainly not in danger of being called perfect, and there is a surprising amount of nastiness towards it on its imdb forum, but it does something very few other action movies do: it not only notices, but appreciates, the ordinary. Equilibrium takes place in the fictional city of Libria, a fascist state founded… Continue Reading

Movies for New Year’s Eve

Who needs Times Square, Waterford Crystal or a fancy cocktail party. Here are some of the best New Year’s Eve movies, in case you’re planning on staying in. None of them will help you make it to the gym on the 1st, however. The Gold Rush (1925) If you’ve never seen a Charlie Chaplin movie,… Continue Reading

Non Traditional Christmas Movies

If Rudolph and kids with BB guns have got you down, or you just have one of those families, here’s a list of unconventional Christmas themed movies that won’t judge you for feeling down during December or burning the turkey… And a few that won’t mind if you burn the whole house down. “A Pinky and… Continue Reading

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