Sinéad is a writer born in London, Ontario, to two Irish rebels. Her sister is a doctor of mad science with a shoe addiction.

She has an Honours Specialization in English and a Major in Film Studies from the University of Western Ontario.

Her heart resides outside of her body disguised as a Rottweiler named De Niro, and a black and white cat named Grissom.

She believes in compassion, Joseph Campbell, and rebellion.

Is Minister for Art Appreciation and Jailbreaks.

Can recite Jurassic Park, wants to be Batman, and takes James Bond very seriously.

Loves hockey.

Is not easily offended.

Has never wanted to be a princess.

Has a machine that kills fascists – though not in any literalized way.

She loves every incarnation of Bob Dylan,

And prays to Ayrton Senna when it rains.