A Tour of The Reverse Gear

Welcome to The Reverse Gear, my new online home. Here is a tour of my little asteroid:

In the blog, I’ll be posting about my adventures in writing and other writing related topics. I love all forms of narrative, especially movies, and you will find posts about novels, short stories, movies, television, comics and graphic novels, and video games. You’ll even find the odd story about my mother.

Outside of the blog you’ll also find:


In this section you’ll find a collection of film essays I’ve written over the past few years. The articles written before the summer of 2014 were originally published on the film website Picture Show Pundits, which has since gone offline, where I spent several wonderful years writing for a column called “Are You Watching Closely?” These articles take a huge amount of time and so, even though I’m almost constantly working on one, new articles will be few and far between, but I will often be writing about movies in the blog.


I am absolutely addicted to pumpkin carving and have been going overboard and driving my family nuts with it since 2008. In the Pumpkin section you’ll find galleries of each year’s carvings. And if they inspire you to give carving a shot yourself…


There’s a stencil section where you can find PDF files of all of the stencils I created for you to download. I will eventually add a tutorials section where you can learn how to create your own stencils and other tips on carving.


The latest news will be posted to the front page, there is also an Archive if you’re curious about previous editions. It will let you know the latest additions to the site: a new film article, stencils, or anything outside of a new blog post.

Enjoy your stay and drop by the blog and to say hello!

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