361 Days Until Next Hallowe’en…

Finally got my pumpkins up for this year: you can find them here. I got started really late this year so I’ve only got 2 pumpkins, but I think they turned out well. And more Batman because you can never have too much Batman.

The Stranger Inside Me: The Shadow Part 1

This is the fifth post in the Mythology and the Psyche series, a list of all the posts in the series can be found here. In myth, the physical world emerges from the eternal realm which is characterized by Oneness. The spiritual realm crystallizes into the material world, and it is only when this visible world… Continue Reading

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Persona

This is the second post in the Mythology and the Psyche series, a list of all the posts in the series can be found here. The next layer of the Self is the persona. This is another concept borrowed directly from Jung. He chose the term ‘persona’ because it is Latin for ‘mask,’ specifically in… Continue Reading

The Cosmogonic Cycle: Dissolutions Part 2

While the dissolutions stage is essentially the end of the world, a stage commonly associated with doom, pain, suffering, judgement, death and indeed extinction, it is more accurate to say it is the disappearance of the world only, not its annihilation. However, Campbell acknowledges the fear inherent in the myths of the cosmogonic round: “Creation… Continue Reading

The Cosmogonic Cycle: The Hero Types

During the transformations stage of the cosmogonic cycle, the life of the world reaches the apex of its manifestation. Life grows, continues, and begins to dissolve. The universe is at its furthest point from the unmanifest source which birthed it, and towards the end of this stage, it begins to turn back towards the divine realm.… Continue Reading

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